More About E-Sport Maniac Entertainment


Democratize access to esports and games facilities making it affordable, experienced-filled and rewarding for an active audience of esports and entertainment lovers.

Core Values

  • Quality Experience: From the quality of the gadgets to the latest games, we pride ourselves in quality. With so many substandard equipment in the market hampering your game experience, we want to see you have fun without glitches.
  • Excellent Customer Service: From educating you on how to use the latest gadgets to helping with basic setups, we want to be with you, supporting you along the way to fun.
  • Integrity: We know the market. What we enjoy is the sweat of hardworking creators and we want to support creators by respecting their work. We are IP compliant, and we extend that to all our activities. We are subject to local laws guiding gaming and esports activities
  • Community: We are building a community through our various brands; to encourage support, sharing and fun. We believe that happiness is better shared.

Offerings & Brands

E-Sports & Games Center

Our Center offers numerous games experience for all categories of sports and interests. From PlayStation to Virtual Reality, including mobile and peer to peer games. We provide an unparalleled experienced for a community of gamers and fanatics.

Esports Festival

The Esports Festival is our flagship event for esports, entertainment and active life lovers looking for a place to connect, play and have fun in an electrifying environment. Every year, participants are threated to a fun experience of music performances, esports game tournaments and a variety of vendors for them to enjoy amazing delicacies and connect with choice brands.

Games Studio

We believe that we can grow from just playing and having fun to creating real value for the gaming community. Our Game Studio is our brain center that oversees research and development, while continuously innovating new ways to create unique gaming products and experience for our community – including building games.

Experience Marketing

Leveraging our unique community, we partner with amazing and progressive brands to deliver experiences that both profits a threefold relationship – us, our partners and our community through experiential marketing campaigns and activations.